Reflections from a Recent Graduate

Jasmine Young, Class of 2014
Jasmine Young, Class of 2014

Don't Give Up​

by Jasmine Young, BAIN '14 Legal Studies

Everyone goes through something that seems impossible to them until they are able to get through it. In high school, both my parents were in the hospital at one point, my dad with a brain tumor and my mom diagnosed with breast cancer. Fall 2014, I came home for the weekend only to find out that my mom’s breast cancer had come back. Instantly, I started crying but to this day I will remember the words that she said which was I will get through this and continue to fight. March 2014, shortly after spring break, my mom passed away with only a couple months leading to my graduation. We had talked numerous times of how she did not know if she could even make it to see me walk in the condition she was in and I reassured her that I knew I had her love and support regardless. The month, weeks, days and even hours leading up to graduation was hard for me knowing that I had to really deal with the fact I only had my mom’s love and support.

My story may seem sad but there is strength through my story. Many teachers did not believe that I would be able to pull off graduation seeing I was so far behind in my classes but not only did I pull it off and was able to walk but I also earned over a 3.5 for the semester. There were so many times I could have given up and at times even wanted to give up but I thought about my mom and my future. Life will always find a way to surprise you and catch you off guard and even get you down. But you have the option to either stay down and have a “pity party” or get up and FIGHT! This past semester I chose to fight like my mom did through her cancer and not give up even though it felt like my life was falling apart daily.

After graduation is only the beginning to the rest of your life and no matter where you go and what you do, there will come a time to either have a “pity party” or fight! I hope you chose to fight knowing that you can get through the worst of situations. Because I chose to fight I know that I made my mom proud but also I was able to graduate and brighten my future. Nothing in life comes easy and for many of us it was not easy graduating but, everyone has a story and some sort of test they had to go through to make it. Through my story I hope to inspire you to fight and allow your strength to be shown to others to give them the ability to not give up but instead know that there is always someone who wants you to succeed whether they are around physically or in spirit. 

Congratulations Class of 2014, WE ALL MADE IT!