Integrative Learning

Integrative Learning Image

The School of Integrative Studies (SIS) curriculum allows students to integrate research, theory and practice across numerous disciplines and experiences. Students access all the resources offered at Mason and draw the critical connections they will need among the topics they study, the experiences they have, the personal reflections they create and the careers they pursue. Integrative studies encourages students to identify today’s complex problems and pursue opportunities inside and outside the classroom, synthesizing theory and practice. Graduates will enter the workforce able to communicate across disciplines to find ethical, actionable solutions to the world’s challenges.

At SIS, integrative studies is characterized by:

  • Small, discussion-oriented classes focused on collaborative learning
  • Numerous opportunities for faculty-directed research
  • Required experiential learning through internships, field studies, service learning, etc.
  • Individualized and standardized concentrations to prepare students for the workplace or future studies
  • Leadership experiences inside and outside the classroom
  • Opportunities for civic and community engagement
  • Celebration of diversity, rooted in global awareness