Hallmarks of the SIS Experience

 in·te·grate (in(t)əˌɡrāt/) verb

  1. combine with others so that they become a whole
  2. bring into equal participation and consideration  

Integrative studies allows students to make meaningful connections among the different parts of their college experience: between academic learning and the wider world, between personal experience and civic matters. Our learning environments include seminar-style classrooms, field studies, community and civic organizations, and corporations. Students gain knowledge and skills through credit-bearing internships, service learning, and study abroad. 

Signatures of integrative studies:


  • Multidisciplinary coursework and concentrations illustrate the connections between disciplines
  • Curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular experiences are all valued components of the education experience
  • Connects the academic classroom to the personal and professional world to promote life-long learning 

Experiential Learning

  • Incorporated into all our courses through embedded project-based assignments, collaborative group work, service learning, and/or community-based research
  • Study abroad opportunities year-round
  • Internship program 


  • Students tailor their degree to meet career goals, becoming authors of their own education
  • Concentrations prepare students for graduate study or immediate entry to the professional workforce
  • Opportunities for one-on-one research projects with faculty
  • Dedicated advising team
  • Individualized concentration and independent study options 

Integrative studies students are regularly challenged to explore new topics and experiences. Students collaborate with others—in the classroom and in the wider community—who have different experiences, perspectives, and values. By combining knowledge from various disciplines, students better understand the world’s many complex issues and concerns.

SIS students want take charge of their learning, explore new ideas and environments, work with peers and collaborate with faculty. As integrative studies students connect their learning with real-world challenges, they gain the competence and confidence necessary to lead lives and careers with meaning and impact.