INTS 490: Receiving Internship Credit

In-person, virtual, and hybrid internships will be accepted

Credit for an internship will not be awarded retroactively

Current place of regular employment is not eligible for an internship site and relatives are prohibited from assuming supervisory roles


Internship Application Deadlines:

Semester Application Submission Period Internship must begin on or after Internship must end by
Fall 2024


April 16-August 14, 2024


August 26, 2024 December 9, 2024
Spring 2025

October 14, 2024 -January 4, 2025


*Applications will be accepted during winter break; however, the university is CLOSED Dec. 23, 2024-Jan. 3, 2025

Jan. 21, 2024 May 5, 2025 
Summer 2025

March 25 - May 9, 2025

May 19th, 2025 August 6, 2025

Application Deadline: Careful planning and implementation are the goals to a great internship. Plan ahead and start early, the final deadline to apply for the internship course is always the Last Day to Add of each semester.


Internship Application Process:

The following Internship process must be completed by the deadline and approved before registration.

The following items must be turned in to, Barbara O’Connell, Internship Coordinator, via email as a PDF: or a hard copy in: Enterprise Hall, Room 417 or the front desk, Fairfax Campus. 

All coursework is conducted via Blackboard. Students are responsible for participating in the course and completing all assignments.





Submit your online Internship Application

Internship Application


Review the Internship Packet

Internship Packet


Draft your Internship Learning Objectives (ILO)

See Internship Resources – How to Write Internship Learning Objectives


Complete the Experiential Learning Agreement (ELA) form

Experiential Learning Agreement


Scan and email completed ILOs and ELA to Barbara O'Connell

Enterprise Hall 4th floor

Room 417 or the front desk


Registration instructions

Will be sent via email after approval 


How are credits determined?

Each semester, students can earn between one and six credits of experiential learning credits through internships. Students earn 1-credit for every 45 hours worked at the internship site. The maximum number of INTS 490 credits that can be taken in one semester is 6-credits.

Credit Hours Chart

University Credit Hours Work Hours 15-Week Semester* On-Site Hours/ Week
1 45 15 3
2 90 15 6
3 135 15 9
4 180 15 12
5 225 15 15
6 270 15 18

*NOTE: Summer Semester contains FEWER weeks


Recent Student Internship Placements:

GMU – University Sustainability’s Greenhouse and Gardens

GMU - The Center for the Advancement of Wellbeing

GMU – MasonLIFE Program

GMU – Center for Mason Legacies

The Back Pack

National Park Service

INOVA Loudoun Hospital

ECDC African Community Center DC Metro

Fairfax County Health Department

Prince William County Public Schools


Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, Amazonia

Please visit Career Services to find a site that's right for you! 


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