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Engaged Scholarship

Duhita ariel
Duhita Mahatmya with student Ariel Smith.

Students and faculty in the School of Integrative Studies engage in research and scholarly activities to address some of today's toughest questions. In conjunction with George Mason's Office of Scholarly and Creative Activities (OSCAR), SIS fosters a culture of student scholarship through increased participation in a wide variety of research activities. Students see their education as a process of academic inquiry that leads to practical application. Faculty engage students in current and relevant activities, using new paradigms of instruction and active modeling of critical thinking.

Community-based and action research models are valued approaches within the SIS experience. Students and faculty alike view the world as a living lab that provides valuable data and insights into all aspects of research subjects. Students learn to understand and appreciate the context of a question, as much as the possible answers. With feedback from faculty and peers, students investigate all angles of an issue and reach their own conclusions only after considering the perspectives of others. 

SIS faculty conduct research around the globe, mentor undergraduate and graduate students and are active both within their fields and throughout the university leading research efforts with a goal of identifying practical actions to address today's pressing challenges.

Red Pandas Are Adorable and in Trouble

Red Pandas Are Adorable and in Trouble

The five red panda cubs in large boxlike cribs at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute are bottle-fed, sleepy and wobbly on their legs. They have bandit masks and thick, rich fur, and they make soft squealing noises and something called a huff-quack, which sounds like ... a huff-quack.

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