School of Integrative Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate Assistants

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  • Basak Durgun

    Basak Durgun

    Graduate Lecturer

    Urban spaces, gentrification, governmentality, globalization and transnational sexualities




  • Lindsey Macdonald

    Lindsey Macdonald

    Term Instructor

    Marxist political economy, critical media studies, critical theory.

  • Zachary Marschall

    Zachary Marschall

    cultural modernism, literary criticism, cultural policy, interwar Britain

  • Marintha Miles

    Marintha Miles

    Migration; diaspora; political economy; digital activism; language politics; gender; international development; religion; ethnography; Central Asia; Tajikistan

  • Adam S Mitchell

    Adam S Mitchell

    The political economy of black and grey markets, the medicalization of marijuana, U.S. labor history, Governmentality, and the War on Drugs


  • Tainui Colin Neilson

    Tainui Colin Neilson

    Graduate Lecturer

    Sociology of media; critical theory; contemporary and classic sociological theory; political economics; digital media; globalization; social science methodologies

  • Khoi Nguyen

    Khoi Nguyen

    war and sexuality; globalization; militarization; queer refugees




  • Derek Sweetman

    Derek Sweetman

    Graduate Lecturer

    Peace and Conflict Resolution, Social Movements and Resistance, Systemic Violence, Systemic Transformation, Nonviolence


  • Aoi Yamanaka

    Aoi Yamanaka

    Academic Advisor

    Graduate Teaching Assistant and Academic Advisor


  • Amy Zhang

    Amy Zhang

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Art and political economy; cultural institutions; cultural policy; sociology of art and culture; museum studies; art historiography; globalization and art; theories of cultural transmission; critical theory; postcolonial theory; politics of representation; cultural institutions in the Middle East and East Asia; contemporary issues of labor; the gig economy; thrift culture; precariousness; contemporary issues of feminism; post-feminism