Graduate Assistants

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  • Drew Arbogast

    Drew Arbogast

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Wildlife conservation, animal behavior, endocrinology


  • Kelly Chimpen Mac Leod

    Kelly Chimpen Mac Leod

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Wildlife conservation and management, animal behavior, animal physiology

  • Kristopher Ray Cleland

    Kristopher Ray Cleland

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Food Security & Sovereignty, Deservingness, Qualitative Methods, Pedagogy, Critical Theory, and Applied & Public Sociology

  • Hunter King Conatser

    Hunter King Conatser

    Graduate Lecturer



  • Marintha Miles

    Marintha Miles

    Graduate Lecturer

    Migration, diaspora, transnationalism, digital activism, social movements, media, language politics, family, gender, healthcare, religion, ethnography, Central Asia, Tajikistan


  • Christina Riley

    Christina Riley

    Graduate Lecturer

    Social Movement Studies, affect theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies, New Media Theory and Network Studies

  • Eric W Ross

    Eric W Ross

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Museum studies, memory studies, temporality, dissensus, political subjectivity, and cultural policy


  • Zan M Sawyer

    Zan M Sawyer

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Ian S Sinnett

    Ian S Sinnett

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Popular music and hip-hop studies, popular culture, cultural memory, media and technology, affect theory, social activism



  • Margaret Zeddies

    Margaret Zeddies

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Globalization, Cultural Sociology, Children and Youth, Humanitarianism, International Development, Study Abroad, Postcolonialism, Political Economy

  • Amy Zhang

    Amy Zhang

    Graduate Lecturer

    Art museums, globalization, museum studies, sociology of culture, critical theory, art theory, art ‎historiography, Arab States of the Persian Gulf