Graduate Assistants

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  • Garrett Fojtik

    Garrett Fojtik

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Social & environmental justice, gender & sexuality studies, personal & social transformation


  • Austin Gallas

    Austin Gallas

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Police reform, undercover surveillance in New York City history.



  • Lindsey Macdonald

    Lindsey Macdonald

    Graduate Lecturer

    Marxist political economy, critical media studies, algorithmic culture, finance capital, and the digital gig economy

  • Marintha Miles

    Marintha Miles

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Migration, diaspora, political economy, digital activism, language politics, gender, international development, religion, ethnography, Central Asia, Tajikistan


  • Shauna Rigaud

    Shauna Rigaud

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Black History with a focus on Caribbean American experiences, Black feminism, youth development and community organizing



  • Margaret Zeddies

    Margaret Zeddies

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Globalization, Cultural Sociology, Children and Youth, Humanitarianism, International Development

  • Amy Zhang

    Amy Zhang

    Graduate Lecturer

    Museums, globalization and art, art and political economy, sociology of culture, museum studies, critical theory, art theory, art historiography, Arab States of the Persian Gulf