Preparing for Your Advising Appointment

Advising staff can assist in many ways: 

  • Help students develop educational goals and track their progress using online tools to access academic records.
  • Provide information about university policies, procedures, deadlines and academic requirements related to general education, majors, minors/areas of concentration, articulation agreements in selected programs, registration procedures, as well as degree and general graduation requirements.
  • Help students decide on an appropriate course load for each semester.
  • Connect students with university resources/support services when needed.
  • Encourage student participation in organizations at the academic program, department, and university-wide levels.
  • Provide career advice concerning internships and cooperative work experiences and recommend practitioners or faculty colleagues working in students' fields of interest.

Students can make the most of an advising appointment in many ways: 

  • Meet with an advisor prior to your registration time-ticket. Appointments can be scheduled via Navigate.
  • Think about your academic and career goals and any questions you may have regarding classes and scheduling.
  • Review the following:
  • Prepare a written list of classes for which you would like to register and review with your academic advisor.
  • Create an advising file with copies of all your university documents.
  • Advisors will provide you with advice and options, but their ultimate goal is to help you feel comfortable managing your own educational planning, course scheduling, and the successful completion of all graduation requirements.

Our advising team looks forward to meeting with you!