Academic & Advising Services Mission


The mission of SIS Academic & Student Services is to serve as a resource for students, staff and faculty by supporting their holistic development through educational innovation. To meet this mission,

Academic Affairs/Services will

  • Provide mentoring, professional development and outreach to faculty, instructors and graduate teaching assistants.
  • Ensure student success and overall departmental effectiveness through continuous advocacy, assessment, curriculum review and innovation that is informed by the Integrative and experiential core aspects of SIS, as well as the strategic goals of the university.

Student Affairs/Services will

  • Empower and advocate for students throughout their journey beginning with admissions, orientation, academic advising and degree conferral.
  • Serve as a single point of contact for students to navigate the university; refer students to appropriate resources on- and off-campus.
  • Educate and encourage students’ personal accountability for their choices and actions.
  • Engage students in mentoring and leadership experiences by connecting them to faculty and opportunities.
  • Encourage inclusivity and respect for diversity by fostering students to act as change agents.