Welcome Week 2014

New Century College welcomed new and returning students with a variety of activities and events from August 25-29 at Mason’s Fairfax Campus. From introductory field trips to a welcome reception to an outdoor barbeque, NCC punctuated the first week of classes with fun opportunities to meet new friends and acclimate to a new semester.

On Monday, August 25th, the Cornerstones teaching team, led by Professor Pamela Garner, gathered with 163 new students to begin their in- and out-of classroom learning through the Cornerstones program. Already, the students have participated in two field trips: one to the National Museum of the American Indian and another to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Garner is joined by NCC faculty members Cher Chen and Paul Gorski along with graduate lecturers Alex Cromwell, Austin Gallas, Adam Mitchell and Amy Zhang to guide Cornerstones students through this rigorous year-long learning experience.

All NCC students and staff were invited to two on-campus events to ease into the new academic year. A small reception held in Enterprise Hall encouraged students to visit the college’s administrative offices and a “Build a Burger” event co-hosted with the Honors College offered students a chance to relax outside of Hanover Hall at the end of the first week of classes.