Buzzing Ambassadors Welcome Mason Families

German Perilla with a Trigona Bee's Nest
German Perilla with a Trigona Bee's Nest

From October 17-19, George Mason University and New Century College (NCC) will welcome all to the university’s annual Family Weekend celebration. As part of the weekend’s events, NCC’s Honey Bee Initiative Director German Perilla will showcase the research and outreach underway as part of this program. Perilla’s presentation will take place in the Johnson Center’s Dewberry Lobby from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, October 18. This event is free and all are welcome to attend.

As part of his Mason appointment, Perilla teaches classes on sustainable beekeeping and cares for the 37 hives associated with the university. Through his classes, Perilla works with undergraduate and graduate students to explore questions related to the health and rearing of bees, specifically in Northern Virginia. In addition to his Fairfax-based beekeeping, Perilla travels to communities in Columbia, Peru and El Salvador where he works with local residents to establish sustainable beekeeping programs in their communities.

On the 18th, Perilla will share many of the sights, sounds and tastes that he has uncovered through his work with bees. Visitors will meet some of the Mason honeybees and be invited to sample a variety of different honey, learning about the different elements that influence its color, taste and texture. To learn more about this and other Family Weekend events, please visit

To learn more about Perilla and the Mason honeybees, please visit