BA in Integrative Studies

Haywood Watkins III, 2010

Haywood Watkins III

What work are you doing now?

Currently, I’m employed as a Fellow with the multinational advertising company WPP. WPP is the world’s largest advertising company by revenues and employees. Its fellowship program is one of marketing’s most prestigious programs, with an acceptance rate of roughly 0.5%. Over the last few years I’ve lived in New York City, Melbourne, and London, and have worked in consulting, publishing, and advertising.

What do you like about it?

The fellowship afforded me the opportunity to explore new industries and cultures, and the chance to learn not only from written word, but also personal experience. It has opened opportunities that skill alone would not secure.

How did your degree in the college prepare you to do this work?

My role in brand building is often one of strategy. It is my responsibility to provide insight within business and cultural contexts. My coursework at New Century College required me to clearly articulate a sound argument and encouraged the inclusion of varied sources for the construction of my opinion. It is a soft skill that is hard to master, but thanks to the curriculum, peers, and professors of NCC, I was able to develop these unique strengths.

What advice would you give current students about developing their careers?

Don’t ignore the signs. What makes your heart flutter? What lingers on your mind? What robs you of your breath? Once discovered, never let it go. Make your passion your profession. But please, don’t confuse your want with your right. Toil everyday for what it is you love to do. If you truly love it, it will be work worthwhile.