BA in Integrative Studies

Lindsay Lowry, 2024

Lindsay Lowry

Lindsay is from North Canton, Ohio majoring in Integrative Studies.  
What has been your favorite INTS course, and why?

All my INTS classes have been wonderful, but I think that my favorite class was Social Justice Education with Dr. Wendi Manuel-Scott. Dr. Wendi provides a welcoming learning environment while also deeply challenging her students. This class cemented my future goal of being an educator because of the revolutionary possibilities that we learned through the readings, but well as the revolutionary practices that Dr. Wendi embodies and engages in. 
What accomplishment are you most proud of during your time at Mason?

I am most proud of my involvement on the George Mason Debate Team and my work at the Women and Gender Studies Center. Debate has given me so many opportunities, and being in a coaching position has allowed me to pass along the wonderful gifts that debate has given me. The WGST Center is a constantly evolving, revolutionary space that I am proud to have taken part in.