BA in Integrative Studies

Sarah Beya, 2021

Sarah Beya

What has been your favorite INTS course and why? 

INTS 405, Women and Leadership taught by Dr. Julie Owen. Through this class, I learned a lot about my self-identity and the intersectionality within it. Unfortunately, as a black, African woman, at some point and to one extent or another, I will be challenged socially. In places such as in the workforce, due to one of these factors that make up my identity I will be misjudged and stereotypes might be used against me. Although these difficulties could be a reason for me to develop anger or to be sad, it encourages me instead to do more and to be better. This course was more than just a class to me, it was a wake-up call. A reminder that as long as I am alive, no matter what comes my way, my identity is my purpose. 

 What accomplishment are you most proud during your time at Mason? 

I am proud of my journey at Mason. When I started, I had a hard time adapting and “finding my place”. Living in a new country and continent without direct family members was difficult at all levels. However, I found a purpose in meeting new people, pushing myself academically, and gaining knowledge that I can bring back to my home country. I am especially proud of myself for this award as a believe it is a reflection of the hard work I have put throughout my time at Mason.