John S O'Connor

John S O'Connor

John S O'Connor

Emeritus Faculty

Learning communities, integrative learning, community-based learning, civic engagement

John S. O’Connor is a Professor Emeritus in the School of Integrative Studies (formerly New Century College), where he teaches in learning communities on community, citizenship and globalization. He also teaches various courses and directs doctoral dissertations for the University’s Higher Education Program. He was the founding Dean of NCC (1995-2000).  Previously he was Vice Provost for Information Technology and Co- Director of the Instructional Development Office.

John was a Senior Scholar at American Association for Higher Education, 2000-2004, where he directed projects on the “Engaged Campus.”  These projects supported the public engagement of colleges and universities in their communities and the preparation of students for their civic responsibilities.

In 2003, he was honored with the GMU David King Teaching Award, and in 2004 received an Outstanding Faculty Award from the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia.

He writes and presents about learning communities, educational reform, and faculty development.  In spring 2015, he was the Faculty Director for Mason’s Oxford University Study Abroad Program.


Dissertations Supervised

James Brumbaugh, Student Awareness in Acquiring Automaticity in Supply and Demand Graphing (2015)

Pamela Patterson, The Influence of Somatic Practices on the Subjective Well-Being of Somatic Coaches (2015)

Mark Bergman, Get Up, Stand Up! Higher Order Thinking in Popular Music Studies (2015)

Stacey Alwine, A Case Study Examining the Explicit Method of Critical Thinking Instruction in a Community College English Classroom (2014)

Carolyn Chappell, The Virginia Commission on Higher Education Board Appointments: The Impact of Legislative Reform on Public University Governance (2013)

Stephanie R. McMillan, Faculty Perceptions Regarding Authentication of Online Students’ Identities and Academic Dishonesty (2012)