Graziella Pagliarulo McCarron

Graziella Pagliarulo McCarron

Graziella Pagliarulo McCarron

Assistant Professor

Leadership development; Access and mattering for first-generation college students; online leadership studies pedagogy

Dr. McCarron is an Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies in the School of Integrative Studies at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. She develops and teaches face-to-face and online courses on leadership theory, ethics and leadership, social change, and leadership and organizational problem-solving. As a former student/academic affairs professional and as a current leadership studies faculty member, Dr. McCarron has over 20 years of experience centered around holistic student development, increasing students' access to higher education, student mattering, community-building, and creating learning climates that transcend time and place. A significant focus of Dr. McCarron’s research and practice includes improving access and experience for first-generation learners, reframing leadership education pedagogy to meet students’ changing needs, and exploring the intersections of pedagogy and student development.

Courses Taught

INTS204 Leadership Theory and Practice

INTS391 Introduction to Integrative Studies

INTS404/575 Ethics and Leadership

INTS435/535 Leadership in a Changing Environment

INTS451/575 Leadership and Organizational Problem-Solving

INTS498/595 Leadership in Social Change in Italy

INTS498/585 Ethical Leadership: The Italian Perspective



Ph.D., Counseling & Personnel Services, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

M.A., Counseling & Personnel Services, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

B.S.B.A., International Business, American University, Washington, DC