David Powers Corwin

David Powers Corwin

David Powers Corwin


LGBTQ Studies, feminist theory, queer and trauma-infused writing pedagogies, television studies and pedagogies, friendship studies, literary pedagogies, queer Appalachian studies

David holds a B.A. in English and Humanities from Milligan College and an MAIS in Women and Gender Studies and an MA in English literature, both from Mason. They are also currently a doctoral student in the Writing and Rhetoric Program at Mason, where their dissertation research looks at the integration of television and lthe teaching of writing as a vehicle for students to disclose marginalized identities and their traumatic pasts.

They began their role in Women and Gender Studies in 2013 where they served as the graduate assistant for the program. In addition to this role, they served in LGBTQ Resources from 2014-2015 and in 2016 was hired on full time as the program coordinator for Women and Gender Studies. Beginning in 2019, David accepted a full time faculty position in the program which includes being Associate Director for Academic Affairs. In their current role, they teach 6 courses a year, supervise all of the staff in the program, coordinate the course schedule and catalog revisions, keep the space open, and advise our undergraduate students. They have also taught composition courses at Northern Virginia Community College. 

Current Research

Their current research focuses on the integration of television re in the writing classroom as a vehicle for students to disclose marginalized identities and their traumatic pasts. They are currently working at the intersections scholarship in composition studies, writing center pedagogy, and television studies to look at how students of marginalized identities can use television in order to explore their own stories. 

They are also working on articles that focus on the rhetorical use of demagoguery in male feminist activism and the patriarchal narratives of friendship in 13 Reasons Why. Currently, they have an article under review that focuses on Mason's WGST program as a model for co-curricular learning in student affairs.

Courses Taught

WMST 100: Global Representations of Women 

WMST 200: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies 

WMST 208: Introduction to LGBTQ Studies 

WMST 300: Masculinities in the Media and Literature

WMST 300: Race, Gender, and the Late Twentieth Century

WMST 300: Gender, Sexuality, and Friendships

WMST 318: Race, Gender, Sexuality, and the Environment 

WMST 330: Feminist Theories of Gender, Sexuality, and Race

WMST 375: Gender, Race, Sexuality, and TV

INTS 347: Gender Representation in Popular Culture

ENGH 101: Composition 


B.A. Milligan College

M.A. George Mason University 

MAIS George Mason University 

Doctoral student in Writing and Rhetoric, George Mason University 

Recent Presentations

2019 College Composition and Communication, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania “Can TV be a Form of Social Justice?: Integrating Television into the Writing Classroom  

2019 Southwest Popular Culture and American Culture Conference, Albuquerque New Mexico “Who Owns the Narrative?: Gender, Friendship and Narrative Capital in 13 Reasons Why” 

2018 College Composition and Communication, Kansas City, Missouri "The Feminist (Un) Consciousness of Writing Studies: An Analysis of a Decade of Research Trends in Four Major Writing Studies Journals" Co-presenter with Robyn Russo, Thomas Polk, and Lacey Wooton  

2018 Southwest Popular Culture and American Culture Conference, Albuquerque New Mexico "This is Man: The Rhetoric of Silence and Masculinity in This is Us 

2017 Southwest Popular Culture and American Culture Conference, Albuquerque New Mexico "The Queerness of Straight Masculinity in Dawson's Creek"  

2016 Southwest Popular Culture and American Culture Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico  Lucy Audley’s Deadly Secrets: Power, Violence, and Masculinity in Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secret