2024 Student AwardsSchool of Integrative Studies

Undergraduate Awards

Academic Excellence Award

The Academic Excellence Awards are given at our degree celebration each year.  The awards are based on grade point average as calculated in March for graduating students.

  • Alton Bryant
  • Sheila Creed
  • Maggie Fleming
  • Julia Frederick
  • Jonathan Genova
  • Zachary Lane
  • Katlyn McGeachy
  • Kayla Merlino
  • Brian Mills
  • Brittany Nelson
  • Dianne Rambo
  • Angel Schudlich
  • Alex Spellar
  • Elena Ward
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School of Integrative Studies Outstanding Graduate

This award is given at our degree celebration each year to graduating students who have greatly contributed to the life of the college and university. These students embody the values and teachings of the School of Integrative Studies and show the promise of using what they’ve learned to make the world a better place. Students are nominated by faculty and staff  in the spring semester each year.

  • Alton Bryant
  • Lindsay Lowry
  • Keziah Sanders
  • Zoe Vozick
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Accessible Internships for Mason Students

  • Amanda Jones
  • Mickalei Lindquist
  • Merna Shenouda
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