Student Spotlight: Michelle Fremen Looks Ahead to Law School

Michelle Fremen, BAIN '15, Legal Studies
Michelle Fremen, BAIN '15, Legal Studies

By anyone’s standards, New Century College student Michelle Fremen (Legal Studies, 2015) leads a busy life. Full-time student, wife, mother and active member in Mason extra-curricular groups, Fremen relies on strong organizational skills to keep herself and her family on track. Now, Fremen hopes to take on an even greater challenge: law school.

This month, Fremen will take the law school admission test (LSAT). She will also finish essays and apply to a range of programs, all ranked among the 100 best schools in the country. Fremen’s stellar undergraduate academic performance, compelling motivation to study law, successful military career (as a Navy helicopter mechanic) and range of coursework and internship experiences at the Executive Office of the President and Fairfax County’s Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court make her a competitive candidate in a crowded field of applicants.

Reflecting on her experience in NCC’s legal studies concentration, Fremen said, “NCC might have over-prepared me. Since NCC allowed me to choose my coursework, I was able to see all the types of law being practiced.”

Having taken a range of courses including the philosophy of law, constitutional law, ethics and social justice, Fremen hopes to focus on juveniles and the law, noting that children are often underrepresented in the legal system.

Fremen said, “I want to work for those who have no voice...The cases we have seen this year [including the Michael Brown case] have challenged me to look at our institutions---those that are supposed to protect people. Instead of improving the situation for all of us, in some circumstances, the institutions and the systems are making things worse.”

While Fremen was excited and motivated by NCC’s legal studies concentration, she cautioned that the concentration requires dedication and hard work.

She said, “You are required to read and write. This is a lot of work, but it better prepares you for a career in the legal system…I liked the variety of courses, but I also liked the way NCC teaches them. We had group discussions, group work, and time to break down a topic and really explore it with classmates who had many different experiences and viewpoints.”

Fremen and her family are hopeful that she will earn a spot in a first year law class and are excited to see what this post-graduate learning experience brings.

When asked what her children thought of her pursuing a law degree, Fremen said, “They know that hard work pays off and dedication gets you to your goal.”