Alumni Highlight - Kevin Argueta

Kevin Argueta, BAIN '12 with a concentration in International Studies
Kevin Argueta, BAIN '12 with a concentration in International Studies

In July, New Century College briefly welcomed back NCC alum Kevin Argueta when he visited his family in Northern Virginia. In 2012, Argueta graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Integrative Studies and spent the following two years in the Teach For America (TFA) program, working as a second grade teacher in Kahakai Elementary School on the island of Kona, Hawaii.

Earlier this summer, Argueta completed his TFA service, and was then selected to participate in an intensive five week TFA workshop held in Phoenix, Arizona. As part of the workshop, Argueta and other TFA volunteers worked together to discuss new pathways for the program and explore ways that TFA volunteers can more effectively serve their schools and communities.

Overall, Argueta greatly valued his TFA experience, explaining that it led him to an entirely new community and culture. During his time with TFA, Argueta managed his own classroom, planned and taught a full schedule of classes and simultaneously completed his graduate degree in education.

On Kona, Argueta came to appreciate a slower pace of life and was able to connect with his second grade students and their families. Although life as an elementary school teacher was not easy, Argueta appreciated the variety of ways he grew both personally and professionally.

Argueta has decided to remain at Kahakai Elementary and has already begun his next academic year—this time teaching in the fifth grade classroom. Argueta said, “I feel very invested in the community here . . . I also love being connected with nature and the land. Right now, there is no other place I would rather be.”