Ramirez Uribe Wins Oxford Award

This spring, NCC student Pablo Uribe is taking part in the Oxford Semester Experience.
This spring, NCC student Pablo Uribe is taking part in the Oxford Semester Experience.

New Century College's Pablo Ramirez Uribe is spending his final undergraduate semester in the United Kingdom, participating in the Oxford Semester Experience. He entered and was awarded £1,500 for his essay answering the question, "What is Genius?" Ramirez Uribe is also an active member of the George Mason University Forensics Team, and just returned to Oxford from the American Forensics Association National Individual Events Tournament held in Gainesville, Florida. He took a few moments to share his thoughts about the competition and his undergraduate experience. 

Could you tell us about the award and the composition you submitted? What did you write about?

The contest was organized by the Bodleian and Blackwells around the Bod's special exhibition "Marks Of Genius" exploring and celebrating genius in the library's collection and the history of humankind. For the contest we had to answer the question "What is genius?" in 5,000 words or less, and my composition ended up being a bit all over the place and haphazard in usual me fashion.

How has your semester in Oxford been? Can you share any great memories or learning experiences?

The semester was life-changing. Being really independent for the first time, entering a radical system of learning, starting anew with new friends in a new city and a new culture... I'd be lying if I didn't say every moment became a lasting memory.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

As cheesy as it sounds? Be good and do good. Okay, so a bit more specificity. I'm studying to be a teacher, while dilly dallying in writing. So nothing set in stone, but I do have at least some ideas of where to go from here.

How has your integrative studies degree/coursework helped you achieve your college goals?

When asked to explain my degree to my family, I always highlight the uniqueness of it. Taking classes that mix disciplines and emphasize experience, building one's program of study, such breadth of classes and programs. It all adds up and maximizes the benefits.

Anything else you'd like to share?

For people to remember to keep doing things. From applying to the Oxford semester, to writing the essay, I never thought as a Colombian with a rare disease who'd never left home could do much, but just by going for it my life has been transformed. Life is so brief the best thing to do is to go for new things, hug our loved ones, and try to live as intensely as we can.