Mason Faculty Nominated for Prestigious Teaching Awards

by Melany Gallardo

Mason Faculty Nominated for Prestigious Teaching Awards

The Sterns Center for Teaching and Learning has recently honored several of School of Integrative Studies' term and adjunct faculty with nominations for the esteemed Teaching Excellence Awards. This recognition is a testament to their exceptional teaching abilities and dedication to creating a vibrant educational community at Mason. 
Among the nominated faculty are:

Dr. Al Fuertes, a seasoned educator whose expertise spans across a range of areas including conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and community-based psychosocial trauma healing. Dr. Fuertes, a Senior Scholar at the Center for the Advancement of Well-being, has been previously recognized with multiple awards, reflecting his profound impact in the field. Read more about Dr. Fuertes. 

Shayna Maskell, PhD, an authority in American Studies, who has significantly contributed to the understanding of youth culture and social movements through her teaching and research. Dr. Maskell's innovative approach in her classes at Mason has earned her a spot in this prestigious list. Learn more about Dr. Maskell. 

Rob Holder,  an experienced leader in program management and a pioneer in applying practical leadership skills in the classroom. His diverse experience and hands-on teaching methods have made a remarkable difference in Mason's educational landscape. Discover more on Rob Holder. 

Virginia Hoy, an influential figure in the English department, and SIS affiliate faculty, known for her exceptional work in composition and research process classes. Her dedication to teaching since 2005 has been an inspiration to many at Mason. Find out more about Virginia Hoy. 
These nominees have been notified of their nomination and invited to proceed with the review process. The final winners will be celebrated at the awards program in April. This announcement allows the Mason community to recognize and appreciate the "often invisible but utterly invaluable work" these educators do.

The Sterns Center's nomination highlights the nominees' commitment to course planning, curriculum development, and innovative teaching, advising, and mentoring. It's a celebration of teaching excellence at Mason and an acknowledgment of these educators’ significant impact on their students and the broader community.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners and join us in applauding the hard work and achievements of these outstanding Mason faculty members.