Minor in Sustainability Studies

The core principle of sustainability is the desire to meet the basic material needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Catalog Year: 2020-2021

The core principle of sustainability is the desire to meet the basic material needs of the current generation without  Green Leafcompromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. In order to achieve this goal, we must recognize and address the conflicts and trade-offs involved in balancing environmental integrity, social equity, and economic stability. Such complex work necessarily involves contributions from a wide range of disciplines and it also requires a re-examination of the relationship between human value systems, cultural practices, and the associated long-term implications for the ecosystem.

This is a Green Leaf program.

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Minor Requirements

Total credits: 16

This is a Green Leaf program.

Students should refer to the Admissions & Policies tab for specific policies related to this program.

Candidates for the minor must complete coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.00.

Core Courses

EVPP 480 Sustainability in Action (Mason Core) 4
INTS 210 Sustainable World (Mason Core) 4
Total Credits 8


A maximum of two courses from a single department or program can be counted for elective credit. Preapproved courses are listed here and others may be substituted. See the undergraduate coordinator for additional electives.

Select 8 credits from the following: 8
EVPP 108& EVPP 109
Ecosphere - Introduction to Environmental Science I-Lecture (Mason Core)
and Ecosphere- Introduction to Environmental Science I- Lab (Mason Core)
EVPP 201
Environment and You: Issues for the Twenty-First Century (Mason Core)
EVPP 322
Business and Sustainability
EVPP 336
Human Dimensions of the Environment
EVPP 337
Environmental Policy Making in Developing Countries
EVPP 338
Economics of Environmental Policy
EVPP 355
Ecological Engineering and Ecosystem Restoration
EVPP 361
Introduction to Environmental Policy
EVPP 362
Intermediate Environmental Policy
EVPP 378
RS: Ecological Sustainability (Mason Core)
EVPP 421
Marine Conservation
BIOL 379
RS: Ecological Sustainability (Mason Core)
CHEM 155
Introduction to Environmental Chemistry I (Mason Core)
CLIM 101
Global Warming: Weather, Climate, and Society (Mason Core)
GEOL 305
Environmental Geology
GGS 102
Physical Geography (Mason Core)
GGS 103
Human Geography (Mason Core)
GGS 121
Dynamic Atmosphere and Hydrosphere (Mason Core)
GGS 122
Dynamic Geosphere and Ecosphere
GGS 302
Global Environmental Hazards
GGS 303
Geography of Resource Conservation (Mason Core)
GGS 304
Population Geography (Mason Core)
GGS 307
Geographic Approaches for Sustainable Development
GGS 312
Physical Climatology
or CLIM 312
Physical Climatology
GGS 314
Severe and Extreme Weather
or CLIM 314
Severe and Extreme Weather
GGS 319
Air Pollution
or CLIM 319
Air Pollution
PHYS 331
Fundamentals of Renewable Energy
PHYS 385
Materials Science with Applications to Renewable Energy
Environment and Culture
AVT 385
EcoArt (Mason Core)
CEIE 355
Environmental Engineering and Science
CEIE 401
Sustainable Land Development
CEIE 450
Environmental Engineering Systems
CONS 401
Conservation Theory
CONS 404
Biodiversity Monitoring
CONS 410
Human Dimensions in Conservation (Mason Core)
Environmental Economics for the Citizen (Mason Core)
Environmental Economics
Global Networks and Communities (Mason Core)
Introduction to Conservation Studies (Mason Core)
The Mysteries of Migration: Consequences for Conservation (Mason Core)
Environmental Justice (Mason Core)
Conservation Biology (Mason Core)
Plants and People - Sustenance, Ceremony, and Sustainability
Topics in Environmental Philosophy (Mason Core)
PRLS 250
Wilderness Travel and Sustainability
PRLS 300
People with Nature
PRLS 402
Human Behavior in Natural Environments
PRLS 501
Introduction to Natural Resources Law
Globalization and Social Change (Mason Core)
TOUR 340
Sustainable Tourism
USST 301
Urban Growth in a Shrinking World
Total Credits 8