Minor in Social Justice and Human Rights

Students in the Social Justice and Human Rights programs examine a wide variety of oppressions such as racism, sexism, heterosexism, anti-immigrant oppression, ableism, economic injustice, animal exploitation, environmental injustice, as well as related denials of human rights, such as human trafficking, settler colonialism, mass incarceration, use of sweatshop and child labor, unequal access to education, and voter disenfranchisement.

Catalog Year: 2022-2023


The minor engages students in both a critical examination of various forms of injustice (such as poverty, racism, and speciesism, and environmental degradation) and an exploration of strategies for creating and sustaining an equitable and just world. This minor is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing on disciplines as distinct as critical race studies, critical animal studies, and environmental science. It is designed particularly to help students consider the intersectional nature of all types of exploitation and their related movements for liberation.

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(formerly SOCJ)

Minor Requirements

Total credits: minimum 16

Students should be aware of the specific policies associated with this program, located on the Admissions & Policies tab.


Core Courses
INTS 334 Environmental Justice (Mason Core) 4
INTS 362 Social Justice and Human Rights (Mason Core) 3
INTS 437 Critical Race Studies (Mason Core) 3
or INTS 438 Representations of Race (Mason Core)
Select six credits from the following: 6
CONF 394
Human Rights and Inequality
EDUC 301
Educating Diverse and Exceptional Learners
GOVT 445
Human Rights
Law and Justice (Mason Core)
Social Movements and Community Activism (Mason Core)
Conflict Resolution and Transformation
Violence and Gender
Spirituality and Conflict Transformation (Mason Core)
Introduction to Childhood Studies (Mason Core)
Contemporary Youth Studies (Mason Core)
Poverty, Wealth and Inequality in the US (Mason Core)
Social Justice Consciousness and Action
Art as Social Action (Mason Core)
Gender Representation in Popular Culture (Mason Core)
Women and Leadership
Refugee and Internal Displacement (Mason Core)
Human Trafficking and Smuggling
Research for Social Change
Leadership in a Changing Environment
Social Justice Education (Mason Core)
Community Engagement for Social Change (Mason Core)
Social Movements and Political Protest
Race and Ethnicity in a Changing World (Mason Core)
Contemporary Gender Relations (Mason Core)
Globalization and Social Change (Mason Core)
Social Inequality (Mason Core)
Education in Contemporary Society
Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (Mason Core)
Current Issues in Women and Gender Studies
Queer Theory
Relevant coursework from AFAM, ANTH, COMM, CONF, CRIM, CULT, EVPP, FRLN, GLOA, GOVT, PHIL, PSYC, SOCI, WMST, and other coursework with advisor approval
Total Credits 16