Marlon Dortch to Speak at American College Personnel Association Convention

New Century College associate director of student services, Marlon Dortch will be speaking at the ACPA - College Student Educators International conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada taking place March 5-9, 2016.  The convention provides college student educators an opportunity to engage in cultural, global and contemporary issues in higher education.  The ACPA is the leading student affairs association that advances students affairs and engages students for a life time of learning. Dortch's talk is title, "Intersectional Identity Politics: The paradox of Black queer identity formations in college."

Presentation Abstract: The categories of race, gender, and sexuality continue to be the site of analysis for many higher education researchers, filing the void of intersectional approaches to student development theories. Employing quare theory and intersectionality as core frameworks, panelists will discuss experiences of Black queer and gender non-conforming collegians as they come to racial, gendered, and sexual knowledge in higher education settings. The panel will examine how these marginalized students make sense of their intersectional identities, particularly in this post-Marriage Equality moment and in the midst of the BlackLivesMatter activist movement.