2024 SIS Graduation Award Winners

2024 SIS Graduation Award Winners

2024 School of Integrative Studies Outstanding Graduating Student of the Year

The School of Integrative Studies faculty nominates the Outstanding Graduating Student of the Year based on their academic achievement, extracurricular interests, research, civic and community involvement, equity and sustainability, and overall contribution to the Mason community. This year, we are thrilled to spotlight four exceptional students who have made significant contributions to the Mason community and beyond.


 Alton Bryant  

Alton is from Baltimore, Maryland, and is majoring in Human Development and Family Science. 
What has been your favorite BIS or INTS course, and why?

INTS490, because that internship gave me the opportunity to spend more dedicated time with Reset180, an organization that fights local sex trafficking. I have been an active member of the organization for 13 years but never was able to spend time working in the capacity that I have since that class. For the past year, I have been the Awareness Coordinator for Reset180, and that credit goes to INTS490 and the INTS staff that helped me set up that internship. 
What accomplishment are you most proud of during your time at Mason?

I am proud of being a University Studies Peer Advisor and co-teacher of UNIV100. It was surprising how much I enjoyed teaching that class. 

Zoe Vozick

Zoe is from Basalt, Colorado and is majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies with a concentration in Equity and Environmental Justice, with a minor in Spanish.  
What has been your favorite BIS or INTS course, and why?

My favorite course that I have taken at Mason was Honors 360 - Grand Challenges. This course, taught by President Washington, Honors College Dean Zofia Burr, and Assistant Dean Anthony Hoefer, connected us students with faculty experts from across the university to consider specific grand challenges that the world face. I enjoyed this course because I was able to broaden my understanding of pressing issues, while creating worthwhile connections with different students and professors. My favorite environmental related course was EVPP 480 - Sustainability in Action. As the Environmental and Sustainability Studies major capstone, this course allows students to take their knowledge from previous courses and turn it into practical solutions for the university and Northern Virginia community. I thoroughly enjoyed this project because it provided the resources necessary for me to tackle an interest area of mine, food insecurity and food waste on the Mason campus. My favorite course labeled INTS is INTS 304: Social Movements and Community Activism. I thoroughly enjoyed this course because it incorporated experiential learning as a team, and I was able to create my own social movement based on a social injustice we were passionate about. My social movement was called REFOCUS—the Ecowar, which stands for the Revolution of Fashion and Consumerism Until Slowed. We aimed to address the fast fashion industry to better protect the environment by hosting a protest rave and picketing events outside of the EPA. Additionally, we aimed to produce a randomized Likert scale survey to present to legislatures such as Michael Regan, Richard Neal, Kevin Brady, and others in the Environmental Investigation Agency and US Customs and Border Control. 
What accomplishment are you most proud of during your time at Mason?

I am most proud of spearheading the initiative to restart the GMU chapter of the Food Recovery Network. The Food Recovery Network establishes a formal collaborative program that recycles GMU’s food waste from SODEXO-approved restaurants, catering events, and food service venues via donations back to students and community members to minimize food waste and fight food insecurity. In the first four weeks, the Food Recovery Network recovered 553.2 pounds of food, which is equivalent to 461 meals! Since then, food recovery and donations have increased! 

Keziah Joy Sanders

Keziah is from Sylacauga, Alabama majoring in Bachelor of Individualized Study.  
What has been your favorite BIS or INTS course, and why?

Black Feminist Thought (INTS 439) was my favorite INTS course because I was introduced to many Black women scholars whose scholarship has been integral in shaping Black feminist ideology and practices that interrogate systems of inequality. Black Feminist Thought taught me to imagine new futures where Black queer bodies are liberated from racialized and sexualized oppression and can exist freely and experience Black joy without Black pain. 
What accomplishment are you most proud of during your time at Mason?

I am most proud of my research work that contributed to the development of a new course entitled "LGBTQ+ Literacies for Our Futures" that will be taught in the School of Integrative Studies. 

Lindsay Lowry 

Lindsay is from North Canton, Ohio majoring in Integrative Studies.  
What has been your favorite INTS course, and why?

All my INTS classes have been wonderful, but I think that my favorite class was Social Justice Education with Dr. Wendi Manuel-Scott. Dr. Wendi provides a welcoming learning environment while also deeply challenging her students. This class cemented my future goal of being an educator because of the revolutionary possibilities that we learned through the readings, but well as the revolutionary practices that Dr. Wendi embodies and engages in. 
What accomplishment are you most proud of during your time at Mason?

I am most proud of my involvement on the George Mason Debate Team and my work at the Women and Gender Studies Center. Debate has given me so many opportunities, and being in a coaching position has allowed me to pass along the wonderful gifts that debate has given me. The WGST Center is a constantly evolving, revolutionary space that I am proud to have taken part in. 


Academic Excellence

The Academic Excellence Award goes to those who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship and grade point averages during their time at Mason.  They each have earned the highest GPA from the major’s graduating class

  • Alton Bryant
  • Sheila Creed
  • Maggie Fleming
  • Julia Frederick
  • Jonathan Genova
  • Zachary Lane
  • Katlyn McGeachy
  • Kayla Merlino
  • Brian Mills
  • Brittany Nelson
  • Dianne Rambo
  • Angel Schudlich
  • Alex Spellar
  • Elena Ward