Minor in Multimedia

In this minor, students learn how to create original work and communicate with others through the fusion of images, text, sound, and video. Students analyze and incorporate into their productions contemporary design principles and current software applications. As part of this process, students are encouraged to focus on how multimedia technologies, which offer new tools for investigating and disseminating ideas, can enhance undergraduate research and writing. These skills, now important in most academic disciplines, are also increasingly valuable not only in the specialized information technology industries, but also in business, education, and politics.


Chung, Higgins, Martin, K. Scott, L. Smith (director), Weinberger, White

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Minor Requirements

Total credits: 18-20

Students should be aware of the specific policies associated with this program, located on the Admissions & Policies tab.

Core Courses

AVT 104 Two-Dimensional Design and Color (Mason Core) 4
COMM 157 Digital Media Workshop 1
or INTS 195 Field-Based Work
AVT 180 New Media in the Creative Arts (Mason Core) 3-4
or INTS 249 Digital Literacy (Mason Core)
Total Credits 8-9


Select 9-11 credits from the following: 1 9-11
AVT 280
Introduction to New Media Arts
AVT 382
2D Experimental Animation
Digital Postproduction
Digital Communication
Introduction to Multimedia (Mason Core)
Rhetoric and New Media
Digital Creative Writing
Topics in Creative Writing
Digital Futures
Multimedia Design (Mason Core)
Total Credits 9-11