Karen Misencik Carter

Karen Misencik Carter

Karen Misencik Carter


Experiential learning, women’s studies

Karen Misencik Carter has been affiliated with NCC since its inception in 1995.  Currently she oversees the Center for Field Studies and the Internship Program in New Century College. With over 15 years of experience in teaching and program administration at George Mason University, Karen has an in-depth knowledge of experiential learning, teaching courses for Center for Field Studies, mentoring students in internships and incorporating experiential learning opportunities into traditional coursework.
Prior to this position, Karen served as the Associate Director for the Women's Studies Research and Resource Center and Women's Studies Program at George Mason University, where she still remains a faculty affiliate.  Karen has a B.A. in Psychology and a M.A. in Liberal Studies both from George Mason University. Her research interests include philosophy, art and architecture, public and private space, and political theory.  Prior to her work with Women's Studies, Karen served as Program Director for the Women's Law and Public Policy Fellowship Program at Georgetown University Law Center.

Courses Taught

NCLC 198: Art and Society

NCLC 245: Visual Culture and Society

NCLC 103: Human Creativity: Science and Art

NCLC 295: Capitol and the Community

NCLC 391: Introduction to Integrative Studies

WMST 200: Introduction to Women's Studies

NCLC 110: Community of Learners

NCLC 202: Public Speaking and Critical Thinking

NCLC 140: Self as Citizen

NCLC 381: When Cultures Collide

NCLC 495: Cultural Studies on Andros Island, Bahamas

NCLC 130:The Socially Constructed World

NCLC 120: The Natural World