School of Integrative Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduation Contact Information

You should be working with an Integrative Studies advisor each semester to make sure you are completing the necessary coursework along the way. Also, you must be signed on to the INTS listserv. We send all reminders about the graduation process over this medium.

Marlon Dortch ( completes graduation audits. Students should request an audit when they complete 90 credits. The audit helps you to plan your final year's course work and to check that you will have completed all required credits. To request a graduation audit, send Marlon Dortch an e-mail noting your name, the title of your concentration, and your planned semester of graduation.

Marlon Dortch ( also clears students for graduation and works directly with the Mason Office of Degree Compliance. During your last semester of enrollment, when you will complete ALL of your course requirements, you will collaborate with Marlon Dortch on the final steps of the graduation process. He will also confirm that you have met the university's requirements and are eligible for graduation (Note: You should already have your graduation audit at this point.)


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