Meet SIS Student Ambassadors

Peer Ambassadors are students who have enjoyed their courses and major so much that they volunteer for various events and have offered to share their experience with prospective students and families. If you are interested in being contacted by an envoy, please email us at 


Grace Oh – President


Hi! My name is Grace Oh and I'm currently a junior majoring in Integrative Studies with a concentration in Early Childhood Education. I'm hopefully going to pursue a Masters Degree in Special Education. Other than being a SIS Ambassador, I'm the philanthropy assistant for Alpha Xi Delta as well as a support staff for MasonLife. I am super passionate about helping students with disabilities, my new puppy, and makeup! If you have any questions about anything, don't be afraid to reach out. 

Jen Godbolt - Vice President & Social Media Liaison


Hi! My name is Jennifer Godbolt. I am a sophomore here at George Mason and I
am majoring in Integrative Studies with a concentration in legal studies and a minor in
Spanish. I’m from Richmond, Virginia originally and I came to George Mason to be
closer to Washington, D.C. and I stumbled upon the Integrative Studies program. I
graduated high school with an International Bachelorette diploma and I have found that
the discussion based style of Integrative Studies is very similar to the style of IB. I have
found that this style of learning not only adds to my educational experience but also to
my ability to be a well-rounded student!

Evelyn Ramirez - Secretary


Hi, I’m Evelyn! Secretary of the SIS Peer Ambassadors. I am a senior, majoring in Integrative Studies with a Concentration in Social Science for Education and a minor in Nonprofit Studies. I am from Manassas where I attended NOVA before transferring to Mason last fall. I am always looking for ways to get involved at school and in my community. Integrative Studies has shown me the complexities of the social sciences that has enabled me to expand my learning beyond what I expected. I look forward to the experiences as a Peer Ambassador! 

Deion Maith - Treasurer 


Hey guys! My name is Deion Maith and I am currently the Secretary for the School of Integrative Studies Peer Ambassadors. My major is Integrative Studies with a concentration in International Studies. I am originally from the Northern Neck of Virginia, specifically Northumberland County. Outside of this organization, I am a member of the NAACP, Fashion Society, and freshman resident advisor. I look forward to a great year and can’t wait to see our organization grow! 

Fatme Khraibani - Government Liaison 


Hey! My name is Fatme Khraibani, and I am currently an Honors College sophomore at
Geroge Mason. I am majoring in Integrative Studies with the concentration in Elementary
Education and my concentration is in Elementary Education. Along with my major, I am
minoring in Spanish. I, currently, am a tutor, and love to help others! I live in the area and commute to school, but I spend a lot of my time here! Mason is great! I am very excited to be here, and hope to share my excitement at Mason with you!

Carmen Edwards


Hi! My name is Carmen Edwards and I am currently a sophomore at George Mason University. I was born and raised in Woodbridge, Virginia. My major is Integrative Studies with a Liberal Arts for the Teaching Profession concentration and I hope to work for organizations like Teach for America in the future. I am also involved in other organizations like GMU United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the University’s NAACP chapter. I love the Integrative Studies program because of its discussion based seminars on a variety of enlightening topics and look forward to the next four years here! 


Sydney Hearst


My name is Sydney Hearst and I am a senior at GMU finishing up a degree in Integrative Studies with a concentration in Advertising and minors in Nonprofit Management and Social Justice. I am interested in animal & environmental welfare as well as human rights and have enjoyed interning at several incredible nonprofits in the DC area. I'm happy to answer any questions that current/prospective INTS students may have to help you take advantage of all of the
opportunities that the school has to offer.

Gabriel King


Gabriel King here! I’m currently a junior in the Integrative Studies college and I’m
majoring in Elementary Education! I’m from Ashland, Virginia and came Mason to pursue my passion of working with kids. I feel the Integrative Studies college is the perfect place to do this because of its ideal class sizes, and the opportunities it provides. The amount of field experience we get with all the diverse field trips and special guest speakers makes it that much better! I’m just beginning my journey in the SIS community, but I’m so excited to see where it will take me!

Georgia Metcalfe


Hi, my name is Georgia Metcalfe and I am a junior here at Mason. I am originally from Yorkshire, England yet moved to Ashburn, Virginia in 2012 and I currently live on campus. I am pursuing a degree in Integrative Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education and am hoping to declare a minor in Psychology. I am an RA in Sandbridge and love getting to know more people on campus. I am very excited to continue pursuing my degree here, as well as helping other students in the SIS community! 

Jada Robinson

Hi, my name is Jada and I am from Richmond, VA. I am a transfer student with a major in Integrative Studies with a concentration in International Studies. I enjoy participating in community involvement opportunities like SIS Peer Ambassadors. I love being apart of the School of Integrative Studies and the courses that are offered through its curriculum.

Drew Smith 


Hello! My name is Drew Smith, I am a junior pursuing a B.S. in Integrative Studies with an individualized concentration in Human Disease and Death and a minor in Anthropology. I am hoping to go into pathological medicine or healthcare policy professionally, and love how INTS is preparing me for a multidisciplinary career! In addition to the peer ambassadorship, I am an active member of the Mason Swim Club and GMU PreMedical Society on campus. I am beyond excited for all if the possibilities that the next year holds for SIS! 

Kelly Tinney

Hi! My name is Kelly Tinney and I am a sophomore here at George Mason. I am 18 years old and I am from Gainesville, VA. My degree is Integrative Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education PK-6. My goal is to receive my Master’s degree in teaching. Besides being a SIS Ambassador, I am in Circle K International and Teachers of Tomorrow. Being a part of the School of Integrative Studies is awesome because you’re in discussion based classes that help you connect with not only your teacher but also your classmates. I am very excited to be a part of SIS Ambassadors so I can meet new people and help the incoming students answer any questions they might have before coming to Mason and while they’re at Mason. If you have any questions my email is 
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