How to Select Courses

  1. Review previous advising paperwork, including concentration sheet, found for each concentration listed here, LC & EL requirements, and general education information/requirements found here.
  2. Make a list of courses (between 15 – 16 credits total for full time students), start with the lowest level courses you need first. To create a balanced schedule include:
    1. Division I: Mason Core (General Education)
      Pick 2 -3 courses for these requirements – if you have a lot of courses left, focus on finishing these first. Lists of gen ed categories and courses can be found here:  Also consult the SIS course details page ( to see if there are any INTS courses that may also count for general education requirements.
    2. Division II: Learning Community (LC)
      Pick 1-2 INTS courses here, particularly those on your concentration sheet or that fulfill more than one requirement. This info can be found on the Preparing for Your Advising Appointment page. Give priority to courses that are 4 credits or more, as these generally have EL credits built into them (fulfilling Division IV).
    3. Division III: Concentration Courses
      Pick 1-2 courses here, generally starting from the lowest level and working your way up. Focus on courses that can count for other division requirements listed above. If all your general education requirements are completed, you can increase the number of courses chosen here. 
  3. Make an advising appointment to review and confirm your selected courses by calling the SIS front desk at 703–993–1436. Assistance with student services advising matters is available Monday through Friday during business hours.