INTS 395: Field-Based Work

INTS 395-007: Explorations of Gender & Sexuality
(Spring 2016)

01:30 PM to 04:10 PM W

Robinson Hall B442

Section Information for Spring 2016

This course is an introduction to contemporary gender and sexuality issues and will focus on how the socialization process impacts our perspectives, experiences, and personal/professional relationships. Students will be exposed to theories and topics necessary to create understanding of issues occurring in society as well as develop skills to enhance communication and understanding relating to gender and sexuality. This course will heavily rely on the active perception and thoughtful commentary to create a fluid direction for the course.

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Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 1-18

Directed field studies in topic not otherwise available to students. Notes: Topics vary, but entire course or significant component is located off campus. In addition to field work, course may also include reading assignments, tutorials, lectures, papers, presentations, portfolios, journals, and exams. Students bear costs of required field trips and should consult the Center for Social Action and Integrative Learning for more information. May be repeated within the term for a maximum 24 credits.
Schedule Type: Lecture

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