About the School of Integrative Studies

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The School of Integrative Studies (SIS) connects students to a world of possibilities beyond the traditional college experience. Housed within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, SIS provides students with the courses, engaged scholarship, tools, and real-world learning opportunities that will bring their learning to life, and ultimately prepare them to enter the workforce. The college’s talented faculty members represent integrative teaching and research in such areas as the law, social justice and human rights, childhood studies and sustainability. SIS grants four undergraduate degrees through which students select or design a concentration that embodies their research and career interests. Our majors include Integrative Studies (BA & BS), Bachelor of Individualized Study (BIS), Environmental and Sustainability Studies (BA), and Human Development & Family Science (BA). 

Education Connected to You

SIS students choose their own path, designing an individualized course of study or selecting from a broad array of concentrations. Through partnerships with other Mason academic units, SIS offers accelerated degree programs and interdisciplinary minors. SIS encourages all to explore topics and experiences that may be new to them while gaining the knowledge and skills they will need to enter the workforce. SIS enables all Mason students to author their own education and to connect their course work with learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

Education Where Experience Counts

Students work closely with their advisors and faculty mentors to identify opportunities where they can challenge themselves through internships, and research of consequence. Additionally, key SIS courses embed experiential learning components in their design and students deepen their learning through assignments that extend learning beyond traditional coursework. Faculty, many with significant experience as practitioners in their fields, share their academic and professional expertise to engage students in research and learning experiences with relevant, practical application. Students connect their learning with real-world challenges, gaining competence and confidence as leaders prepared to enter the workforce and make a difference.

Education Designed for You

There is no "one type" of SIS student. Rather, our students come from many different walks of life but all share certain characteristics. They want to take charge of their learning, explore new ideas, work with peers and collaborate with faculty. SIS students seek to make change within their local, regional and global communities.

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