School of Integrative Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Full-time Faculty


  • Cher Weixia Chen

    Cher Weixia Chen

    Assistant Professor

    International Studies, Legal Studies, and Social Justice and Human Rights

  • Lynne Constantine

    Lynne Constantine

    Associate Professor

    Gender, culture and the arts; art as social action; creativity; educating for social justice; self-study of professional practices in teaching.


  • Kelly Dalton

    Kelly Dalton

    Assistant Director, Social Action and Integrative Learning / Term Instructor, Nonprofit Studies

  • Lisa Des Jardins

    Lisa Des Jardins

    Academic Advisor

    Admissions Coordinator SMSC and Academic Advisor for Environmental and Sustainability Studies

  • Marlon Dortch

    Marlon Dortch

    Academic Advisor

    Associate Director of Student Services

  • Kelly Dunne

    Kelly Dunne

    Executive Director

    Assistant Professor


  • Kimberly Eby

    Kimberly Eby

    Assoc. Provost, Faculty Development / Director, Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence / Assoc. Professor

  • Noura Erakat

    Noura Erakat

    Assistant Professor

    Legal Studies, International Area Studies, and Social Justice/Human Rights


  • Elizabeth Freeman

    Elizabeth Freeman

    Associate Professor

    Wildlife conservation, behavioral endocrinology, behavioral ecology

  • Al Fuertes

    Al Fuertes

    Term Associate Professor

    Facilitation and dialog, global education, psychosocial trauma healing, conflict resolution, theology of struggle, anti-human trafficking and displacement issues


  • Pamela Watkins Garner

    Pamela Watkins Garner


    Social and emotional development of young children

  • Michael Gilmore

    Michael Gilmore

    Associate Professor

    Ethnobiology, community-based conservation, biocultural diversity, sustainable development

  • Paul C.  Gorski

    Paul C. Gorski

    Associate Professor

    Social Justice Teacher Education, Activist Burnout and Persistence, Poverty and Educational Opportunity


  • Misty Krell

    Misty Krell

    Academic Advisor

    Director of Student Services


  • Nance Lucas

    Nance Lucas

    Associate Professor

    Ethics, positive psychology, and leadership


  • Lindsey Macdonald

    Lindsey Macdonald

    Term Instructor

    Political economy, neoliberal governance and regimes of accumulation, militarization and militarized spaces, and the representation of terrorism in media and popular culture

  • Patricia Mathison

    Patricia Mathison

    Director, Social Action and Integrative Learning

  • Graziella Pagliarulo McCarron

    Graziella Pagliarulo McCarron

    Term Assistant Professor

  • Janette Muir

    Janette Muir

    Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education / Associate Professor

    Political communication


  • Julie Owen

    Julie Owen

    Associate Professor

    Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL), leadership studies




  • Gregory Unruh

    Gregory Unruh

    Arison Chair in Values Leadership / Associate Professor


  • Andrew Wingfield

    Andrew Wingfield

    Associate Professor

    Fiction and creative nonfiction writing, sustainability studies

  • Thomas C Wood

    Thomas C Wood

    Associate Professor

    Conservation Studies