School of Integrative Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Degrees and Programs

The School of Integrative Studies (SIS) offers three undergraduate majors and eight minors.  Integrative studies majors select a concentration or work with SIS’ student services staff to develop their own concentration, uniquely suited to their academic and career goals. Similarly, environmental and sustainability studies majors select a concentration that matches their personal aspirations.

For those intending to pursue graduate studies in either education or law, students may participate in bachelor’s/accelerated advanced degree programs. First, with the College of Education and Human Development, SIS offers two accelerated master’s programs, allowing qualified students the opportunity to earn their bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Education within an accelerated time frame.  SIS also participates in the 3+3 program with George Mason University’s School of Law. This program provides qualified, highly motivated students the opportunity to complete both their undergraduate degree and law degree at an accelerated pace.

The School of Integrative Studies has also created three cohort-style, semester-long programs through which students take courses and work side-by-side with leading professionals in three distinct areas: non-profit management, social innovation and conservation and ecology. These three programs are the Non-Profit Fellows, Social Innovation Fellows and Smithsonian-Mason Semester give students the chance to focus deeply on one area of study and pair their coursework with hands-on professional experience. 

Through SIS, Mason students can combine their academic and experiential learning to create a college experience that prepares them for a future with meaning and impact. 


Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Offered through the Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) program in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Academic Programs in the School of Integrative Studies

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